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We commit to providing progressive leadership for our members and our industries and to be an asset to our communities. For our members: We will provide professional representation and strive for fairness in the workplace. We will enhance opportunities for employment through apprenticeships and trades training.





August 7, 2020 ----Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) is currently looking for Red Seal Mobile Crane Operators to participate in the development of a new occupational standard (RSOS) for the Red Seal Mobile Crane Operator trade. The RSOS (full name Red Seal Occupational Standard) sets the scope of the Red Seal Mobile Crane Operator trade and outlines the essential knowledge, skills and curriculum to be taught to apprentice Mobile Crane Operators. It is the document from which all Interprovincial assessments is based and greatly shapes the trade as a whole. Some of you may know of the Mobile Crane Operator Red Seal NOA (National Occupational Analysis). The RSOS is basically an improved version of this older document.

Some important notes:

- The workshop will take place virtually from October 13-29, Monday to Friday.

- Participants will need access to a computer with a webcam and microphone to take part in the sessions.

- Total time commitment is expected to be 15-20 hours at various times throughout the 3-week session.

- Each session is expected to be roughly 4 hours in length.

- Participants will be compensated for their time at $30 per hour of virtual time, plus another flat $100 for  offline review upon completion of all sessions.

- Proof of a valid Red Seal Journeyperson certificate is required and will be verified before the application will be considered.

Please contact Cory at the office if you are interested in taking part or have any questions.



We are now accepting E-Transfer for your union dues.   Please use the email address - oe870@sasktel.net


Our Dalmeny training facility is open, please call Sheldon (306-341-0277) or Sheryl (306-653-1250) to schedule a time.  Re-certifying is your responsibility, please check ALL of your ticket expirations and update them if required, prior to bidding on dispatch.


DIRECT BILLING DENTAL CLAIMS:  Ask your dentist to submit via EDI on the Telus network and update the carrier information to Coughlin BIN 610105. They will also need your policy # 56546 and your personal ID #, which is on your new Coughlin drug card or your member statement.




If you need any help obtaining Employment Insurance:
Call The Unemployed Workers Help Centre: Saskatoon- 1-306-382-8662 or Regina - 1-306-525-5138






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