mission statement

We commit to providing progressive leadership for our members and our industries and to be an asset to our communities. For our members: We will provide professional representation and strive for fairness in the workplace. We will enhance opportunities for employment through apprenticeships and trades training.



In July,  2Nations Bird at BHP Jansen will be starting a nightshift on a 14/7 rotation. There will be a nightshift premium of $3.00 per hour, working 12 hour shifts, with 5 hours of overtime built in daily.  This job will be under the Overburden Agreement.  Please email Laurel at the hall with the equipment you may be interested in, at oe870@sasktel.net or call 306-665-7718  to get on the list.  We need our members to commit,  so we can secure this work.  



We are now accepting E-Transfer for your union dues.   Please use the email address - oe870@sasktel.net




If you need any help obtaining Employment Insurance:
Call The Unemployed Workers Help Centre: Saskatoon- 1-306-382-8662 or Regina - 1-306-525-5138






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Cory Cowley

Business Manager


Darryl Wilcox

Business Agent


Amber Volk



what we offer

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Local 870 offers its members many benefits through collective agreements. Local 870's Member Representatives and Staff are experienced, caring and dedicated.


why join?

Did you know that almost one of every three Canadian workers belongs to a union?

  • Better Health Care, Pensions and Other Benefits
  • A Stronger Voice Through Collective Bargaining