mission statement

We commit to providing progressive leadership for our members and our industries and to be an asset to our communities. For our members: We will provide professional representation and strive for fairness in the workplace. We will enhance opportunities for employment through apprenticeships and trades training.


The office will be closed on Friday, July 3rd for Canada Day.


We are now accepting E-Transfer for your union dues.   Please use the email address - oe870@sasktel.net


We have re-opened our training facility,  Please call Sheldon @ 306-341-0277 to book an appointment.


 We will inform everyone when Union meetings will resume.


~ In light of the recent developments with the COVID-19 virus, Local 870 has made the decision to close the office to the public until further notice.   If you need to make a payment,  leave a message and your call will be returned.  All staff are still available by cell or email.


~April 2, 2020 -  The Saskatchewan portion of the Keystone Pipeline has been delayed until 2021. 

~The Husky Shutdown has been postponed until September, 2020.









Effective February 1, 2020, ALL BENEFIT CLAIMS dated this year or last, go to Coughlin & Associates.

 Claim forms are available on their website at www.coughlin.ca, under Winnipeg forms, choose   appropriate form.

Once you have received your new Coughlin card and login information, you can also submit your claims online.

Member Portal SET UP:  the Identification # / User ID, is your employee number listed on your new Couglin card, or your SIN.

You can mail claims to:

Coughlin & Associates:   Claims Department - PO Box 764 - Winnipeg, MB - R3C 2L4

Or Email Claims to:  winnclaims@coughlin.ca 

DIRECT BILLING DENTAL CLAIMS:  Ask your dentist to submit via EDI on the Telus network and update the carrier information to Coughlin BIN 610105. They will also need your policy # 56546 and your personal ID #, which is on your new Coughlin drug card or your member statement.

If you have not yet filled out your H&W and Pension Group Coverage form (listing your dependants and beneficiaries) or if you are uncertain that you have done so, please call Coughlin & Associates 1-888-204-1234 to confirm or obtain a form.  The form is also available on their website at www.coughlin.ca, choose Enrollment Form (health & pension).




There is a mandatory online Sideboom course that you must take prior to being dispatched.

All members with prior sideboom experience are eligible for this course.

Call Sheryl for details or to enroll 306-653-1250.


                    If you need any help obtaining Employment Insurance:
Call The Unemployed Workers Help Centre: Saskatoon- 1-306-382-8662 or Regina - 1-306-525-5138






who we are

Cory Cowley

Business Manager

Lloyd Sali

Business Agent

Darryl Wilcox

Business Agent


Amber Volk



what we offer

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Local 870 offers its members many benefits through collective agreements. Local 870's Member Representatives and Staff are experienced, caring and dedicated.


why join?

Did you know that almost one of every three Canadian workers belongs to a union?

  • Better Health Care, Pensions and Other Benefits
  • A Stronger Voice Through Collective Bargaining